“Finn gives clues that will make you shiver with discomfort and turn ice cold when everything falls into place.”  – Helen Schöer

The first few paragraphs of the Baba & Kleuter editor’s review in Die Burger of 5 February 2018 immediately convinces the reader that A.J. Finn’s The Woman in the Window is a must-read book.

Finn’s debut tells the story of Anna Fox who suffers from agoraphobia. Day after day Anna sits at the window of her New York mansion and watches her neighbours. She’s addicted to old movies that are continuously playing in the background as well as in her head. Of course she never ventures outside. Schöer writes, “Her camera has a very long lens. What she can’t see, she discovers by way of a little digital espionage. She fills in the gaps by speculating about their comings and goings.”

When the Russells move in – a picture-perfect family of three – Anna is instantly drawn to them. After all, they are an echo of the life that was once hers. But one evening Anna witnesses something no one was supposed to see. What now?

Schöer calls Finn’s debut “… a psychological thriller masterpiece with the same Hitchcock atmosphere as the movies this unforgettable main character so loves to watch.”

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From: Die Burger 5 February 2018 (translated)
Reviewer: Helen Schöer
Publisher: Harper Collins
Selling Price: R285
Club Price for Leisure Books Members: R260