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As it’s name indicates, this Bakers Secret bake ware set is easy to store. Each piece nests and stacks with the others for compact, space saving storage. The pieces also are easy to use they have nonstick surfaces and are dishwasher safe. Includes 4 x 8 medium loaf pan, 6 cup muffin pan (21/2 x 8x 11/3), 8 square dish, 91/2 x 131/2 cookie sheet and 9 x 13 cake pan Superior nonstick surface Durable & long lasting.

Item Kode: A400220

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Stir extra flavour into your cooking with this clever infusing spoon perfect for adding whole herbs and spices without having to find and remove them after cooking. If you’re making a soup, stew or curry and want to add herbs and spices such as cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods and star anise without fishing them out later, Gusto is the answer. Simply load the spoon with your herbs and spices, close the lid and stir in as you cook your meal. Then once you’ve finished cooking, simply open the lid and throw away. Gusto is also perfect for flavouring pitchers of hot and cold drinks with herbs and spices. Gusto comes with an integrated herb stripper in the handle which quickly and easily removes the leaves from fresh herbs. Suitable for all types of cookware. For stirring food or drink only. Do not leave utensil in cookware whilst cooking. To prevent staining, avoid using with strong colourants such as turmeric and tea.

Item Kode: A400310

Helix Potato Ricer

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Make perfectly fluffy and smooth mashed potato in seconds with just a twist using this innovative potato ricer. Features & Benefits The innovative 2piece design of Helix Potato Ricer, makes ricing potatoes or puréeing vegetables easier than ever. Rather than having to apply lots of downwards pressure, the horizontal twisting mechanism makes it more comfortable to handle and utilises the power of the shoulders to make ricing your potatoes effortless. This smart potato ricer is made from stainless steel and nylon and can be separated for easy cleaning.

Item Kode: A400280

Miracle Grill Mat

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Verimark introduces the Miracle Grill Mat – it turns any grill surface and it makes it completely nonstick. With the Grill Mat you can make breakfast directly on your grill, now you can even add an egg. Grilled vegetables are amazing but trying to do them on an open grid, they all just fall through the grill and you lose half your meal. BUT with the Miracle Grill Mat you can grill vegetables right beside your meat and you never lose that great barbeque flavour. Flares can ruin your meat but with the Miracle Grill Mat there’s never any flare up and burnt on sauces and marinades make a cleaning nightmare, but with the Miracle Grill Mat cleanup is a breeze. If you’ve ever tried to grill fish you know it just flakes and falls apart on a grill, but with the Miracle Grill Mat you get perfect fish every time. Get your Miracle Grill Mat from your nearest Verimark store.Features: 100% nonstick; Stops flare ups; Food wont fall through; Reusable & easy to clean; Works on any grill.

Item Kode: A400060

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Hate slicing onions With Onion Goggles you can say goodbye to tearing, stinging and irritated eyes when preparing onions.

Die skermbril is in rooi en groen beskikbaar. Kleure kan nie aangedui of gekies word nie.

Item Kode: A400250

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Create exciting cupcakes and decorations for your next party with the Pastry Pen. Everything you need to create, fill and decorate baked goods of all kinds comes with this handy tool. Measure batter for cupcake tins, fill baked cupcakes and create decorations. The set includes a storage clip that holds the pen when not in use and cleans batter and frosting from the tip. All-in-one cupcake baking and decorating tool Includes three tips and storage clip Use to measure and dispense batter Inject fillings like cream and jelly in cupcakes. Decorate cupcakes with frosting Top rack dishwasher safe.

Item Kode: A400240

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Classic elegance and clear shapes are just the right ingredients for a modern kitchen. The digital kitchen scale Roma Silver is not just an aesthetic joy. Kitchen work is even more fun with the convenient functions, with hardly any effort: 5 kg load capacity and high weighing precision with graduation to 1 g precise. The removable weighing plate made of safety glass can easily be cleaned even in the dishwasher. Comfortable details, like the large LCD screen, auto off function, and add weight function, make Roma Silver a perfect partner in the kitchen.

Item Kode: A400260

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Opens cans of all sizes:One touch operation;Magnetic Holder;No sharp or rough edges;Great for arthiritis sufferers; Easy to clean and store; Battery operated (battery not included). 

Item Kode: A400040

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Let your ingredients mix and mingle in the Nesting Mixing Bowls. When the party’s over, nest them together for minimal storage. Convenient pour spout 3 piece set: 2, 3 and 4 quart sizes Dishwasher safe Not safe for use in a microwave.

Item Kode: A400230

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This versatile grater has been designed to adapt to different grating tasks and foods with ease. Firstly, it has two different styles of etched stainless steel blade set either side of its grating surface. Secondly, its handle has two different grating positions for maximum convenience. With the handle locked in the straight position, its ideal for grating directly over plates and dishes. But when you twist and lock the handle 90° it creates a naturally sturdy shape for resting on the worktop, providing more support when grating larger quantities of food. It comes with a reversible plastic sheath that protects the blades when stored but can be flipped to allow you to collect and measure grated food. Available in three colours and blade configurations – Coarse/ Fine, Extra Coarse/ Ribbon & Star/ Extra Fine. Dishwasher safe. Rotate and lock handle to grate larger quantities Push button – Twist handle – Lock Straighten handle for grating over food Grate and measure into sheath.

Item Kode: A400300

Twista Electra

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Verimark introduces the ALL IN ONE food processor, the Twista Electra. Twista Electra allows you to use the same appliance to mix, blend, stir, whip, chop and grind.Now you can prepare healthy and delicious meals in a fraction of the time. Twista’s secret lies in the unique double rotational design that makes preparing food effortless.Use the FORWARD mode to grind, grate and chop. Whilst the REVERSE mode is used to mix, blend, stir and whip.And unlike ordinary blenders that only chop at the bottom, Twista’s reversible vortex action pulls the food into the blades for perfect even chopping every time.The Twista Electra comes with 2 accessories, a small serving spacer and a whipping attachment. With the small serving spacer you can now chop the small items easily, for example a single clove of garlic. Whilst, the high speed whipping attachment can change milk into an amazing dessert.Get your very own Twista Electra from your nearest Verimark storeFeatures:Chop, mix, mince, blend and so much more Unique auto-reverse technology; Stainless Steel Chopping Blade; Spacer accessory for effective chopping of smaller portions; Whisking attachment for whipping options; Crushes ice and nuts in seconds; 1 year quality guarantee!

Item Kode: A400050

Twista Spiral Slicer

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Item Kode: HH00050

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This basic piece of kitchen equipment is given a stylish and practical update with this smart, thoughtful design. It has an integrated plug which means water can be quickly drained away, eliminating the problem of lifting and emptying a heavy bowl. The plug can also be set to strain the water for food particles, allowing them to be easily disposed of and helping to prevent sink blockages. Its steep sides help keep water and soapsuds safely inside and large carry handles mean it can be easily carried, if required. Perfect for use in the sink or for washing dishes anywhere.

Item Kode: A400330