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Examiners often complain that Life Sciences learners don’t know their biological terms well enough. We understand that the number of biological terms and parts of different biological systems to learn in Grade 10 can seem overwhelming, which is why information in Ace It! Life Sciences Grade 10 is given to you in easy-to-learn formats, such as tables and annotated diagrams.You can practise applying what you’ve learnt by using the practice exam questions and suggested answers. These are essential for revising Life Sciences – so many learners know their work but lose marks because they simply didn’t answer the question properly.

Item Kode: C100570


Grade 11 is an important academic year, and perhaps one of the most challenging in your school career. Ace It! Life Sciences Grade 11 builds on the knowledge you learnt in Grade 10, and provides the detailed concepts that you need to know to progress to Grade 12 with ease. Skills that were new to you last year are revised and solidified in this comprehensive study guide.Ace It! Life Sciences Grade 11 also features the very important Environmental Studies section that will be examinable in your Matric final next year. Examiners complain that learners have not revised this section properly – show them that youre the exception by building the right foundation this year and beyond.

Item Kode: C100860


This is it! Your final Life Sciences examinations (Paper 1 and Paper 2) are around the corner, and you need to know what is most important, how the questions will be asked and the skills you need to be able to write the exams successfully. A common complaint from examiners is that Life Sciences Grade 12 learners often have the required knowledge but they dont understand how to answer the questions.Ace It! Life Sciences Grade 12 features practice exam questions to help you prepare. Use the questions and the memos to test your knowledge and your understanding of the requirements of the question. This is especially important when it comes to writing Paper 2. In order to improve your essay-writing skills, its essential that you (a) understand your content and (b) know how to write a good essay. Ace It! Life Sciences Grade 12 can help you with both.

Item Kode: C101070

A set of 30, six sided dice, with letters and numbers. Children love dice games! They are fun to play in a group because they encourage conversation and competition. These dice have been designed to help your child recognise and name common objects and to learn the letters of the alphabet and know their sounds.

Item Kode: 700230

Kinders is mal oor bou en breek en die handversierde houtblokkies sal hulle boonop leer om te meet en pas.

Item Kode: 800530

Zoom in is an innovative digital study solution that targets the most critical concepts in each subject, helping learners to reach a full understanding of each concept so that they can conquer difficult exam questions. Zoom in consists of printed graded practice activities plus a USB card packed with videos, interactive practice activities, simulations, slides and much more.

Item Kode: C100720

Die magnetiese bord het ’n mooi houtraam. Aan die een kant is daar ’n swartbord en aan die ander ’n witbord wat maklik skoongevee kan word. ’n Witbordpen, pakkie bordkryt en borsel is ingesluit.

250 x 115 x 60 mm

Item Kode: 800590

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Met die horlosie van duursame rubberhout pas peuters blokkies op gevoel in en leer om ’n horlosie te lees.

220 x 60 mm

Item Kode: 800580

Deur die kleurvolle houtblokkies van verskillende groottes en vorms op mekaar te stapel leer kinders van kleins af om vorms te herken.

250 x 115 x 60 mm

Item Kode: 800570

Leer somme maak met die 37 magnetiese syfers en berekeningstekens verpak in ’n netjiese houtboks.

Item Kode: 800550

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Bou ’n tenk, hyskraan en talle ander modelle met hierdie stelletjie. ’n Pamflet met instruksies vir elk verduidelik hoe.

Item Kode: 800520

Included are 45 different wooden pieces, one corkboard, one hammer, a box of tacks and five double-sided cards. The set comes in a gift box.

Product Code: 800560