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Item Kode: 401050

4 Puzzles in a box
– On the farm
– In the Bathroom
– Fruit and Vegetables
– In the Garden

Item Kode: 401040

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Build 6 2-piece puzzles Increase vocabulary Learn new concepts Learn to think and reason

Item Kode: C801350

This set contains 6 puzzles consisting of 5 – 6 pieces. This set includes an ambulance, firetruck, police car, helicopter, airplane and a rescue boat.

Suitable for 18+ months

Item Kode: 700040

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Item Kode: 400200

This set contains 6 puzzles: cow, goat, duck, horse, chicken and puppy. Each puzzle is made of 2-3 pieces each.

Suitable for 18+ months

Item Kode: 700000