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All is not what it seems in this dark comedy set in an idyllic seaside California town, where success, affluence and privilege are slowly but surely undone by secrets, rivalries, deception and murder.<br/>

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The Case for Christ

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A hard-driving journalist, Lee Strobel was exactly where he expected to be at work: on top. His award-winning investigative reporting recently earned him a promotion to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. But things weren’t going nearly as well at home where his wife Leslie’s newfound faith in Christ went against everything Lee believed-or didn’t believe-as an avowed atheist. Utilizing his journalistic and legal training, Lee begins a quest to debunk the claims of Christianity in order to save his crumbling marriage. Chasing down the biggest story of his career, Lee comes face-to-face with unexpected results that could change everything he knows to be true. Based on Lee Strobel’s award-winning bestselling book and starring Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Faye Dunaway, and Robert Forster.

112 min, PG

Item Kode: 301990

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Described as the first ever comprehensive series on the natural history of the worlds oceans, each of the eight 50-minute episodes examines a different aspect of marine life. The underwater photography included creatures and behaviour that had previously never been filmed.

400 min | PG

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Sir David Attenborough narrates this nature documentary series exploring the polar extremes. The footage captures life in the Arctic and Antarctic and takes a look at how climate change is affecting the landscapes of these fascinating regions. Episodes comprise:
To the ends of the earth
The Last Frontier
On Thin Ice

550 min  | PG

Item Kode: 301620

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Lag jou slap vir Barry Hilton se vertoning, lewendig verfilm in die Operahuis in Port Elizabeth.

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