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Sweet Memories

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Returning to the tastes and memories of yesteryear, this book is an exploration into the world of forgotten sweets and candies – many well-loved favourites as well as some that have been rediscovered or simply created through the combination of retro flavours. While most recipes keep the spirit of the original candy, interesting new interpretations have also been included for the modern cook.

Item Kode: 111540

Katrien’s Dessert Cakes

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25 scrumptious cakes with traditional dessert flavours, ideal to serve as an after-dinner treat or even for afternoon tea, illustrated step by step from start to finish. The cake filling and coating recipes can be mixed and matched to create a different taste combination every time you bake.

Item Kode: 111370

The South African Milk Tart Collection

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Hierdie keer het die bekende broer-en-suster-span die melktertroete deur die land gevolg en die resultaat is die boek propvol melktertresepte. Daar is nostalgiese melktert met ’n krummelrige, tuisgemaakte skilferkors en resepte vir haastige baksters met ’n heerlike koekiekrummelkors of sommer sonder ’n kors. En kyk bietjie wat jy alles in die plek van kaneel kan gebruik.

Hardband, 144 ble, 270 x 210 mm

Item Kode: 108440

Giving Back Childhood

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This book marks the 60th anniversary of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. Celebrities and unsung heroes at the hospital share personal memories of food and childhood, as well as the recipes that are the ongoing connection to those memories. For more info visit childrenshospitaltrust.

Item Kode: 103920

Cupcakes With A Kick

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This collection of alcohol-infused cupcake recipes has been tested, tweaked and adjusted where necessary to ensure that they are practically flop-proof. Some have liqueur in the icing some have wine or beer in the cake itself and others have seductive soft centres oozing with delightful cocktail ingredients.

Produk Kode: 111290