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3 Minutes (Scandi)

Roslund and Hellstrom
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In this sequel to Three Seconds, onetime Swedish government agent Piet Hoff mann is on the run. Only his handler, Erik Wilson, knows he is living in Colombia under a false identity. When a series of events leaves Piet hung out to dry, DCI Ewert Grens, the enemy who Piet once tricked, becomes the only ally he can trust.

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One-time Swedish government agent Piet Hoffmann is on the run: both from the life prison sentence he escaped, and from the Polish drug mafia he double-crossed. Only Hoffmann’s handler, Erik Wilson, knows he now hides in Calí Colombia, living under a false identity with his wife Zofia and sons Rasmus and Hugo.

But life on the run is precarious. And so when Hoffmann, in order to survive, accepts employment as a bodyguard and hit man for the Colombian cocaine mafia, and is simultaneously approached by the US DEA to infiltrate the same cartel, he chooses to say yes to both. Hoffmann has a new, lucrative double life.



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