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The Fall of the ANC Continues

Prince Mashele
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Political governance in SA continues to collapse. Scandals of corruption, evidence of nepotism and a general decline in the quality of leadership are there for all to see. In the view of the authors, this state ofaff airs has its origins in the messiness and collapse of the African National Congress. This book seeks to answer the question of the fate that awaits the country.

Softcover, 312 pages, 198 x 130 mm

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A high-octane, brutal critique of the ANCs battle to govern South Africa effectively. It shatters myths about our past and provides a timely wake-up call for the future. -MONDLI MAKHANYA When we said [in 2014] the ANC was falling, many people in the ANC thought we were suffering from the worst form of madness. But today those who said so then secretly approach us to ask: How did you foresee all this By this they mean all the internal political mess the ANC has brought to itself since we wrote the first edition of this book. Indeed, a lot of this has taken place over the past three years. That is why the title of this second edition is The Fall of the ANC Continues. Political governance in South Africa continues to collapse. Scandals of corruption, evidence of nepotism, rampant maladministration in provinces, incompetence in public offices and a general decline in the quality of leadership are there for all to see. In the view of Prince Mashele and Mzukisi Qobo, this state of affairs has its origins in the messiness and collapse of the African National Congress. As helplessness deepens in our society, concerned citizens ask: What will happen to South Africa The Fall of the ANC Continues seeks to answer this question of the fate that awaits the country.



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