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On the Brink

Claire Bisseker
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Few countries in transition have managed to get a grip on their public
fi nances as well as South Africa did after 1994. Now the nation’s credibility and the democratic project lie in tatters as we teeter on the
brink of a political and fi scal cliff . How did we end up in this mess, and can we pull back from the brink? Awardwinning journalist Claire Bisseker unpacks the crisis.

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Why do people “lose their heads”? Chris Mahlangu, who murdered Eugene Terre’Blanche, did not just bludgeon him to death, he literally hacked him to pieces with a steel pipe. One young man clubbed a nurse to death and her boyfriend into ICU with a piece of wood. Another bashed both his adoptive parents unconscious with a cricket bat before stabbing each more than 20 times in the torso and then slitting his father’s throat. A male prostitute struck his friend so many times with a knobkierie after his “indecent suggestions” that he died of a skull fracture. Why would a heterosexual man who often sleeps with prostitutes pick up a boy at a shopping centre and molest him?

Five case studies about real-life SA violent criminals as told by seasoned crime writer Carla van der Spuy and clinical psychologist Dr Henk Swanepoel. The book contains information about personality disorders, each criminal’s background, the day of the crime, the court case, Dr Swanepoel’s interviews and findings, to the follow-up prison visit – face to face with the monster.



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