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A Simple Man

Ronnie Kasrils
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Written like a thriller in the engaging style of his previous bestsellers about the liberation struggle, this book takes up the talein 2004 when Ronnie Kasrils became Minister of Intelligence, and continues to the present day.

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Kasrils fought against the lies and abuses of state resources at the cost of his party popularity. His struggle for the truth, for that is what the book is about, covers the tumultuous years that saw Mbeki’s overthrow and replacement by Zuma at the ANC’s Polokwane Conference, the scandal around the Nkandla property, growing militarisation of the police resulting in the Marikana Massacre, the outrageous appointment of flunkies to high office, the present state capture report and the unseemly relationship with the Gupta group. The confusion engendered by Zuma has led Kasrils to explain the enigma and contradictions of the man giving rise to the books title. But uppermost in his mind is to explain that corruption and the abuse of power does not begin with Zuma. His thesis points to the compromises on the economy going back to Mandela and the negotiations of the 1990s which he refers to as a Faustian Pact. Political power but not control of the economy occurred.The latter factor has given rise to the problems of inequality,unemployment, poverty, protest and frustration that besetsthe country. Kasrils argues that the scandalous corruption and crony capitalism under Zuma is symptomatic of under lying contradictions. Merely replacing Zuma without dealing with the economic factors will not solve the problem and time is running out. Kasrils suggests firm remedies to urgently turn around the situation in the interests of all.



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