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A Journey

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1. Il barbiere di Siviglia, Act I, No. 5: Una voce oco fa

2. Lakme, Act I, No. 2: Viens, Mallika… Sous le dome epais (Flower Duet)

3. Beatrice di Tenda, Act I, Scene VI: Respiro io qui… Ma la sola, ohime! son io… Ah, la pena in lor piombo

4. Le Comte Ory, Act I, Scene VIII, No. 4: En proie a la tristesse… Vous que lon dit sensible… Celeste providence

5. Romeo et Juliette, Act IV, No. 17: Dieu, quel frisson court dans mes veines!… Amour, ranime mon courage

6. Lucia di Lammermoor, Act I, No. 3: Ancor non giunse!… Regnava nel silenzio… Quando rapito in estasi

7. I puritani, Act II: O rendetemi la speme… Qui la voce sua soave Vien, diletto, e in ciel la luna!

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Book of Roses

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1 LA Strega
2 The Gran Ball Of The Duljas
3 Morning At Boma Park
4 The Five Curtains
5 Book Of Roses
6 In Doga Gamee
7 Passage To Promise
8 In The Woods Of Kroandal
9 Jugglers In Obsidian
10 Chanson De LHeure Bleue
11 Czippa An The Ursanian Girl
12 The Birds Of Tilmun
13 Hirzel
14 Jours D Amour
15 Mantos Arrow And The Sphinx
14 Letters To A Young Rose
16 Overtuerrli (Live)
18 Book Of Roses (Live)
19 Hey You! Yes, You

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White Winds

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1 The White Winds
The White Boat (First View)
2 Hall Of The Stairs
Hall Of The Mosaics (Meeting You)
3 The Glass Hall (Choose The Crystal)
The Play Of The Five Balls
The Five Planets
Canopy Choir
4 The Woman And The Stone
5 The Stone (Close-Up)
6 Phases Of The Three Moons
7 Flight Feet & Roots Hands
8 Brothership
9 Sisterseed
10 Trilogy (At The White Magic Gardens)
The White Winds
Bonus Tracks
1 Pace Verde (Maxi Single Track)
2 Flight Feet & Roots Hands / Mother Of Peace (Live
3 Hey You! Yes You (Edit)

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