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The Staedtler Ball 432 M ballpoint pen has an ergonomic triangular shaped barrel for relaxed and easy writing. It is a particular smooth writing ballpoint pen with a translucent barrel and medium tip.The cap and the end plug of the Staedtler ball 432 ballpoint pen matches the writing colour.This is a pack of 10 assorted colours.The colours are: Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Lime, Green, Brown, black

Product Code: C800700

Tradition hi-polymer eraser 526 T20.2 pieces on a blistercard

Product Code: C800580

Staedtler Pencil Tradition HB – Carded 3s- High quality pencil for writing, drawing and sketching- Unbelievably break-resistant through special lead formulation and super bonded lead- Wide range of up to 14 degrees- Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests- Easy to erase- Easy to sharpen with any quality sharpener

Product Code: C800510

8 x tradition eco pencil blistercard HB

Product Code: C800520

Ace It! – Accounting Gr 12

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Taking Accounting as a subject in high school gives you an advantage after school, no matter what your chosen career path. The skills you learn can be used in all kinds of situations, whether you work for a company, own your own business or choose to pursue a career in accounts or bookkeeping. Therefore, it is in your interests to do the best you can in your Matric exam. Ace It! Accounting Grade 12 will help you study. Common concerns for examiners include an inability to master certain calculations, an inability to properly understand the question and an inability to identify relevant information in the question. Ace It! Accounting Grade 12 gives you plenty of opportunities to practise with sample exam questions

Product Code: C100940

Ace It! – Afrikaans (FAL) Gr 12

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LEARN THE RULES AND PRACTISE THE APPLICATION OF THESE RULESBy the time you are in Grade 12, your Afrikaans teacher expects you to have a basic command of the Afrikaans language. However, many learners feel overwhelmed and daunted by the Afrikaans exam papers. Ace It! Afrikaans First Additional Language Grade 12 helps you to prepare for your exams by offering you plenty of opportunity for revision and practice.Use Ace It! Afrikaans First Additional Language Grade 12 as a workbook – work through it section-by-section, make notes, create your own personal dictionary and do the practice exam questions. If you do this, you will be able to approach your final exams with confidence and skill.

Product Code: C100980

Ace It! – Business Studies Gr 12

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Business Studies is a theoretical subject with real-world applications. This means that in your exam, you need to be able to apply the content to various situations. Ace It! Business Studies Grade 12 applies relevant and interesting examples to the content. This gives you an opportunity to really understand the concepts, and also gives you an idea of the kinds of examples that examiners will be looking for. Checklists are provided at the end of each term of Ace It! Business Studies Grade 12 to help you keep track of what you have revised and what you still need to revise. This will help you to take control of your learning and ensure that you will walk into your Business Studies Matric exam with confidence.

Product Code: C100990

Ace It! – English (FAL) Gr 12

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By Grade 12, you have had lots of practice in reading texts, writing different kinds of texts, analysing and answering questions about literature and answering questions about grammar and parts of speech. However, you may feel like you need some help in remembering how to write an informal letter as opposed to a formal letter, or what to look for when you are asked a question about characterisation. Ace It! English First Additional Language Grade 12 helps to put all of the information you need to know to do well in English in one easy-to-use study guide. Containing all of the content you need for your Matric year, as well as practice questions to ensure that you’re on the right track, Ace It! English First Additional Language Grade 12 will be an invaluable resource for you in your Matric year.

Product Code: C101010

Ace It! – Geography Gr 12

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Matric examiners often complain that learners do not understand enough about the content to be able to apply it properly. These so-called higher order questions are the questions in the exam that require the most thought and that will earn you the most marks. However, in order to be able to apply the content, you first need to understand the content. Ace It! Geography Grade 12 contains detailed descriptions and explanations, and also shows you how to interpret this information and apply it in different real-world scenarios. Mapwork is also often a challenging part of studying Geography. Ace It! Geography Grade 12 provides you with everything you need to know, giving you the confidence to write your Matric exams with skill and ability.

Product Code: C101020

Ace It! – History Gr 12

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MAXIMISE YOUR HISTORY RESULTS Looking at the History Grade 12 syllabus can seem a little daunting – there are so many facts and dates to remember. Ace It! History Grade 12 can make it easier for you by breaking down the content into manageable chunks. This makes it easier to study and remember everything you need to for your exam. While a focus on learning facts and dates about historical events should be a part of your preparation for your Matric History exam, it should not be the only thing that you focus on. Examiners often raise concerns about learners lack of skills in analysing and using sources to formulate and support their arguments. Ace It! History Grade 12 will help you prepare by providing you with useful and detailed tips on using various sources, including photographs, cartoons, posters, propaganda and more.

Product Code: C101040

  • The first coloured pencil made from the innovative WOPEX material
  • Traditional hexagonal design
  • Attractive shape design
  • Increased breaking point strength
  • Brilliant colours
  • Ergonomic soft surface
  • Wood from PEFC-Certified German Forests

Product Code: C800550

Features- The first coloured pencil made from the innovative Wopex material- Traditional hexagonal design- Attractive shape design- Increased breaking point strength- Brilliant colours- Ergonomic soft surface- Wood from PEFC-Certified German Forests

Product Code: C800540

Knap jou taal gebruik op. Brei jou algemene kennis uit. Verfris jou geheue. Vergewis jou van jou feite. Gaan jou spelling van vreemde plek- en eiename na. Help jou kind met skooltake. Stof jou opponente in trivia speletjies uit. Draf blokraaisels kaf. Vra jou vriende vas. Hou op kopkrap!TAAL : – Sowat 1 000 artikels oor eietydse taalgebruik. – Betroubare, korrekte antwoorde op taalprobleme waarmee woorde boeke jou nie help nie. Duidelik toegelig met werklike voorbeelde uit die taalpraktyk – Spelling, leesteken gebruik, problematiese woorde en frases, die regte woordkeuse, woorde wat dikwels met mekaar verwar word, die invloed van Engels op Afrikaans, en nog meer. – Die riglyn een inligting berus op die ondervinding en praktiese kennis wat die skrywer, Tom McLachlan, in ’n langberoeps loopbaasas dosent, onderwyser, maar veral as taalpraktisyn opgedoen het. Hy is ’n oudvoorsitter van die SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kunsse Taalkommissie en een van die voorste kenners van Afrikaans vandag.FEITE: – Sowat 6 000 deeglik nagevorste ensiklopediese artikels. – Inligting oor Suid-Afrika, Afrika en die res van die wêreld. – Sowat 300 illustrasies, en KR-kodes wat jy met jou selfoon skandeer om addisionele inligting, oudio-, video- en beeldmateriaal op die internet en HAT se webblad te ontsluit. – Bykans elke land van die wêreld is opgeneem, historiese gebeurtenisse, belangrike persone, plekke, klassiek een populêre musiek, literatuur, die beeldende kunste, argitektuur, teater, rolprente, mitologie, godsdiens, sport, en meer. – Suid-Afrikaanse sporthelde van gister en vandag. – Suid-Afrikaanse skrywers, kunstenaars, musikant een akteurs.

Item Code: BC05570

The ABC of Afrikaans made simple for school-going learners, professionals, tourists … and anyone and everyone interested in Afrikaans Core vocabulary- The top 1 000 most frequent words and their primary meanings- Clear explanations- Exact translations- Natural example sentences and phrases- Usage notes and illustrations Picture dictionary- Helps you understand the meaning of words Thematic dictionary- Increases your vocabulary Essential communication- Situation-based language for immediate use Afrikaans grammar- Everything you need to know about Afrikaans words, pronunciation, spelling, writing, sentences, and more- Explainedin simple English- Packed with examples- Printed in two colours on 128 pages- Common abbreviations- Activities

Item Code: BC05540

Specially compiled for beginner learners of Afrikaans and English. Includes definitions! Spesiaal saamgestel vir beginnerleerders van Engels en Afrikaans. Sluit definisies in. Features : Grades 7–12 – Contains the top 1 000 most essential and frequently used words – Clear definitions in English and Afrikaans offer extra support and guide users to exactly the right translation equivalent – Each meaning of a word begins on a new line, so learners can quickly and easily find the translation they need – Thousands of natural examples, based on the Longman Corpus Network and growing HAT Corpus of Contemporary Afrikaans – Usage notes based on information from the Longman Learner’s Corpus and the experience of top language teachers – Special section with illustrations encourage vocabulary building. – Prepares learners for success using English and Afrikaans in everyday life. – Appendices: Picture Dictionary | Thematic Dictionary | South Africa and Namibia | Activities | Abbreviations

Item Code: BC05510

Main features : – The Longman-HAT School Dictionary in a handy, easy-to-carry pocket format – Over 10 000 words and phrases – Thousands of meanings – Clear definitions in the source language offer extra support and guide users to exactly the right translation they need – Thousands of natural examples, based on the Longman Corpus Network and HAT Corpus of Contemporary Afrikaans – A Picture Dictionary and a Thematic Dictionary encourage vocabulary building. – An Essential Communication section provides situation-based language for immediate use – Essential abbreviations – Prepares learners for success using English and Afrikaans in everyday life.

Item Code: BC05530

Mechanical pencil (0.5mm) + 2 x refills blisterpack

Product Code: C800710

Hierdie moderne, toeganklike woordeboek is ontwerp om leerders doeltreffend in hulle addisionele taal te laat lees, skryf en praat. Dit fokus daarop om leerders te help om hulle mees algemene struikelblokke te oorkom en bied ondersteuning op ses sleutelgebiede. / Designed to enable learners to read, write and speak effectively in their additional language, this up-to-date and easy-to-use dictionary focuses on overcoming learners most common difficulties. It offers support in six key areas. Help leerders om die regte vertaling te kies. / Helps learners choose the right translation. Bied slegs dikwels gebruikte vertalings aan. / Gives frequently used translations only. Wys hoe woorde werklik gebruik word. / Shows how words are really used. Sluit nuwe woorde vanuit die hele kurrikulum in. / Includes new words from across the curriculum. Voorsien uitspraakgidse sodat leerders met vertroue kan praat. / Provides pronunciation guides so learners can speak confidently. Ver skaf illustrasies om moeilike konsepte te verduidelik. / Includes illustrations to explain difficult concepts. Plus: 48 hersiene bladsye nuttige ekstras (aktiwiteite met antwoorde; hulp met grammatika, skryf en mondelinge). / Plus: 48 revised pages of useful extras (activities with answers; help with grammar, writing, and speaking).

Product Code: C100010

Oxford English Grammar: the advanced guide is a grammar reference and practice book for the proficient English student. It offers comprehensive, advanced explanations of language concepts with annotated examples; examples of common grammar mistakes and how to correct them; and practice exercises that help to consolidate understanding. Oxford English Grammar: the advanced guide may be used in conjunction with any English language course. This practical guide is intended for reference, self-study and consolidation practice.

Product Code: 702640

Oxford English Grammar: the essential guide is a grammar reference and practice book for Grade 8-12 learners. It is suitable for both English First Additional Language and English Home Language learners and can be used alongside any core English course. This practical guide can be used for reference, self-study, and consolidation practice.

• Key language concepts are explained in a logical order, which ensures learner progression.
• Examples of common mistakes, and how to correct them, help learners to avoid frequently made language errors.
• Exercises at more than one level for each concept ensure that learners build language skills in a scaffolded way.
• A resource section with annotated writing texts and other useful references can be used by learners for self-study.
• This guide will assist the English teacher in consolidating and expanding learners’ knowledge and use of language structures.
• A separate answer booklet is available as a reference for the teacher.

Product Code: 702960