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Ace It! – Accounting Gr 10

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You would have been introduced to basic accounting principles in Grade 8 and Grade 9. Even so, many learners feel intimidated by Accounting in Grade 10. This year, it is essential that you get the basics right. This will form a strong foundation for the rest of your Accounting studies. Ace It! Accounting Grade 10 contains all of the information you need to revise for your exams, which you can work through in your own time and at your own pace. Ace It! Accounting Grade 10 also contains practice questions and problems, as well as detailed answers to these. As with other practical subjects, practising the application of the theory is the best way to achieve good marks. Ace It! Accounting Grade 10 gives you plenty of opportunities to check your understanding and test your skills.

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IMPORTANT TIPS, ADVICE AND INFORMATION TO HELP YOU PROGRESS TO GRADE 10 WITH CONFIDENCEIf you feel confused about the difference between a narrative and argumentative essay, or you cant tell a metaphor from a simile, then Ace It! English First Additional Language Grade 9 is for you. From cover to cover, Ace It! English First Additional Language Grade 9 is filled with detailed descriptions, sample reading and writing passages and explanations about how and when to apply all kinds of rules in the English language.Important and useful tips, advice and information are provided to help you in your Grade 9 year. You can use Ace It! English First Additional Language Grade 9 as a supplement to your school textbook or teachers notes. Or you can use it to revise ahead of your exams. Either way, Ace It! English First Additional Language Grade 9 will prove to be an invaluable resource for your English language studies.

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Ace It! – Mathematics Gr 10

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Getting the basics right in Grade 10 will not only ensure a good mark in your Grade 10 exams, but will also set you up for fantastic results in your Matric paper. Many basic skills relating to functions, algebra and probability are introduced in Grade 10. Ensure that your foundation is solid by using Ace It! Mathematics Grade 10 to work through these sections at your own pace. Trigonometry is also introduced in Grade 10. Ace It! Mathematics Grade 10 will help you get to grips with this important part of the Mathematics curriculum. Use Ace It! Mathematics Grade 10 to study and understand the concepts and skills required for Grade 10 Mathematics, and then practise these using the exercises and quizzes throughout, as well as the practice exam questions at the end of the book.

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Grade 8 is your first year of high school Mathematics. Whether you choose Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy from Grade 10, you need to lay the foundation for success now. Ace It! Mathematics Grade 8 can help you do that. Ace It! Mathematics Grade 8 will help you to understand the concepts that you will need in high school and beyond. With calculation techniques that you can learn and use, and plenty of worked examples to show you how its done, Ace It! Mathematics Grade 8 will help you to progress to Grade 9 with confidence and ability! When it comes to Mathematics, practice makes perfect. Ace It! Mathematics Grade 8 includes practice questions for you to test your skills in your own time, and at your own pace

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If you want to take Life Sciences and Physical Sciences as subjects from Grade 10, then you will need to do well in Natural Sciences in Grade 8 and Grade 9. This is your first year of high school, so this is a good time to ensure that you do not have any gaps in your understanding of important scientific and biological concepts. For example, one of the most challenging topics in Physical Sciences is Work, Power and Energy. Many learners struggle with this section because they do not have a good enough foundation from Grade 8, where Energy and Change is covered. Similarly, many Matric learners struggle to answer questions around the interdependence of organisms. The foundation for this topic can be found in Grade 8 (Life and Living).With detailed descriptions, annotated diagrams and practice questions, you can use Ace It! Natural Sciences Grade 8 to take control of your how you learn and remember Natural Sciences concepts. Ace It! Natural Sciences Grade 8 contains tips to help you understand how to write exams – a skill that is essential for success in high school.

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Ace It! – Tourism Gr 10

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If you have chosen Tourism as a subject from Grade 10, then its likely that you have an interest in the tourism and hospitality industry. If so, then you will thoroughly enjoy this subject. However, that”s not to say that you don”t need additional help to get you through the curriculum and your examinations. From learning about the industry and different types of tourists to mapwork and tour planning, as well as marketing and our local heritage, there is a lot to cover! Ace It! Tourism Grade 10 will help you to make sense of all of this information, and to be able to apply it in the real world. Detailed descriptions, relevant examples and engaging activities will all contribute to a deeper understanding of this exciting industry.

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Ace It! – Tourism Gr 11

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The tourism and hospitality industry is an exciting one. If you are interested in a career in this industry, it is important to study hard and do well in your examinations. There is a lot of content to study in this subject and, in order to do well in the application exercises, its important to know this content. No matter your learning style, Ace It! Tourism Grade 11 will help to break down the content into manageable chunks, making it easier to study, understand and remember. Ace It! Tourism Grade 11 features plenty of useful summaries of content in table and diagram format, which helps you to make sense of the content while you learn. Engaging activities also help you to apply what you’ve learnt. This not only prepares you for your examination, but also helps you to remember what you’ve studied.

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Ace It! – Tourism Gr 12

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This year, you should be thinking about what career you might want to pursue after you matriculate. If you are taking Tourism, it is likely that you are considering a career in the tourism and hospitality industry. If you do take your studies in this industry further, you will find that the courses will become increasingly more practical. However, in order to succeed, you will need to have a solid theoretical foundation. Ace It! Tourism Grade 12 will help you to learn the content, while still giving you practical and relevant examples so that you understand how the theory can be applied in a real-world situation. Not only will this prepare you for your Grade 12 exam, but also beyond. Ace It! Tourism Grade 12 takes what seems like a lot of content and simplifies it. This makes the facts easier to learn, understand and remember. Example questions will help you to prepare for your exam, bearing in mind that exam-writing skills are very important for exam success

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Al die inhoud en vaardighede wat jy vir die eksamens benodig word uitvoerig in jou Ace It! Studiegids gedek. Jy kan teen jou eie pas en in jou tyd deur die jaar se leerplan vorder. Daar is Vinnige Vasvrae na elke afdeling om jou begrip te toets, wat jou beheer gee oor die afdelings waarop jy moet fokus.Ace It! help jou ook om aan algemene probleemgebiede te slyp, waarvoor jou onderwyser dalk nie die tyd sal h nie. Eerder as om die gedeeltes oor te slaan wat jy nie heeltemal snap nie, kan jy jou leerwerk self ter hand neem en Ace It! in jou eie tyd gebruik om seker te maak jy kry dit reg.Jy kan Ace It! dwarsdeur die jaar gebruik om jou skoolhandboek en onderwyser se aantekeninge aan te vul. Andersyds kan jy dit vir hersiening voor die eksamen gebruik. Hoe jy ook al besluit om dit te gebruik, is Ace It! die enigste studiegids wat jy benodig.

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Baby’s First 123

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The ideal first book to introduce toddlers to numbers – packed with colourful images and clear word-labels to encourage early learning Help your toddler learn all about numbers and counting in My First 123. Count from 1 to 10, then up to 100 with your toddler, and introduce adding and taking away with this engaging board book which keeps early learning simple. With colourful, bright photographs alongside clear word-labels your little one will master numbers in no time.Perfect for encouraging children to build numeracy skills My First 123 helps toddlers grasp early concepts. Your little one will love discovering numbers while holding the chunky pages of this tactile board book. Read it together and help them turn the pages, practice counting, then take a look at adding up and taking away.

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Cursive Flash Cards 3

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Stel van 26 gelamineerde A5 flitskaarte.

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Klein Leeutjie is baie skaam. Hy kan nie brul nie. Al wat uitkom wanneer hy probeer, is: Piep! Sy boeties en sussies lag vir hom. Jy moet nie PIEP nie, jy moet BRUL! Maar dan ontmoet klein Leeutjie vir Muis. Sal Muis hom kan help om soos die ander leeus te leer brul Sluit aan by die KABV vir Gr 3. Gr R – 2 HT / Gr 1 – 5 EAT

Item Code: BC04300

Olifant kan nie sy ma kry nie, en skielik word die bos ’n vreesaanjaende plek vol spokerige geluide en donker vorms. Maar dan ontmoet hy ’n verlore luiperd. Hoe gaan die twee bang maats die pad huis toe kry Dit is ’n storie oor bang wees. Sluit aan by die KABV vir Gr 3. Gr R – 2 HT / Gr 1 – 5 EAT

Item Code: BC04290

Sebra is baie hartseer en alleen toe sy beste maatjie, Kameelperd, wegtrek. Sebra se maats probeer verskillende dinge om hom op te beur. Sal hulle Sebra kan help om weer beter te voel Dit is ’n storie oor hartseer wees. Sluit aan by die KABV vir Gr 3. Gr R – 2 HT / Gr 1 – 5 EAT

Item Code: BC04310

Seekoei is verveeld, daarom gee haar ma vir haar ’n klomp werkies om te doen. Sy het ’n besige dag in die bos en sy ontmoet ’n klomp nuwe maats. Sal Seekoei gelukkig wees wanneer sy teruggaan huis toe Dit is ’n storie oor gelukkig wees. Sluit aan by die KABV vir Gr 3. Gr R – 2 HT / Gr 1 – 5 EAT

Item Code: BC04320


Item Code: BC04330

Wanneer jy gelukkig is, hoor ek jou vrolik sing Jy voel ligter as ’n veertjie lief vir elke liewe ding. Wanneer jy hartseer is, is ek altyd daar vir jou, om jou trane af te vee en jou teen my vas te hou. Partykeer het ons nodig om te weet dat iemand daar is vir ons. Met vertroostende woorde wat ’n wonderlike boodskap van onvoorwaardelike liefde inhou, en illustrasies propvol lewenslus, warmte en humor, is Ek sal jou styf vashou die perfekte geskenk vir geliefdes van alle ouderdomme – en ’n boek wat gewaarborg is om vir jare lank ’n gunsteling te bly. Gr R – 2 HT / Gr 1 – 5 EAT

Item Code: BC04340

English for All

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This title is the first grammar reference book based on CAPS. It comprises two parts. The first part includes grammar rules and reference lists, and the second general knowledge facts about South Africa and the rest of the world.

CAPS requirements for English Home Language and First and Second Additional Language are fundamental to the topics discussed in this book. These topics include, amongst others, punctuation, contractions, part of speech, literal and figurative meaning, sounds of things and animals, tenses, synonyms and antonyms, homonyms and homophones and borrowed words. It also contains a list with useful literary terms such as hyperbole, onomatopoeia and personification, as well as useful notes on written work.

The second part of the book focuses on general knowledge facts such as the national symbols of South Africa, who our neighbouring countries are, where our eleven official languages are spoken, who the world leaders are, what currencies are used where, and great inventions of the world.

The simple layout and clear guidance make this title a must -have for each and every learner who wants to pass English as a Home, First or Second Additional Language. It is also a useful reference for adults.

Product Code: 700500

Our unique Write and Wipe Flash Cards include a dry erase marker so children can practice writing their letters and numbers again and again. We make them extra-thick to stand up to repeated use. Most importantly, our cards are extra-large to emulate the size of a parent’s face — because our research shows that children most easily absorb information presented in this format.

Item Code: BC07280

’n Cowboy leer dat ’n mens selfs in die Wilde Weste gaaf kan wees in hierdie prettige rymende boek. Hierdie reeks leer ouers en kinders dat goeie maniere pret kan wees … en die lewe vir almal ’n bietjie makliker maak! Sluit aan by Gr 1 KABV. Gr R – 2 HT / Gr 1 – 5 EAT

Item Code: BC04280