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A Rhino in my Garden

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Conita Walker tells the story of the love match that lured her from the world of international air travel to plunge, somewhat naively, into the life of a conservationist. It is a tale of adventure, mishaps, humour and heartbreak.

Product Code: BN00280

Birding in South Africa’s National Parks

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Birding in South Africa’s National Parks is the first book dedicated to birding in South African parks. The 19 featured national parks are grouped within the four bio geographic regions – northern, arid, frontier and Cape regions. Pertinent and interesting facts about where to find birds, including the top 10 birds of each park and a description of general habitats, are presented in a readable fashion.This book offers a compact and concise introduction to birding in our parks, giving valuable insights into what species can be expected to be found in each park along with helpful guidance as to which habitats they may be associated with. – Dr Luthando Dziba, Managing Executive, Conservation Services Division, South African National Parks (SANParks)Over 100 photographs illustrate some of the special birds found in the parks. Of the 700 regularly seen terrestrial species in South Africa, at least 640 can be found in the 19 national parks, with 13 of the 15 species endemic to South Africa and another 19 of the 20 species endemic to South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. The special birds listed at the back of the book for each park include iconic flagship species of the bio me that the park represents, elusive birder’s bucket-list species and special southern African endemic species.Birding in South Africa’s National Parks will be a worthy addition to the bookshelves of bird enthusiasts, particularly birders and ecotourists visiting South Africa from across the world.

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Sasol Eerste Veldgids tot Bome van Suider-Afrika bied ’n fassinerende blik op die bome van die subkontinent .Met behulp van volkleurfoto’s en verspreidingskaarte, asook maklik leesbare teks, sal die beginner en ontluikende natuurliefhebber die meer algemene bome in Suider-Afrikakan identifiseer, kan vasstel waar hulle groei, en meer te wete kom oor hul unieke eienskappe.

Item Code: BT0016

Field Guide to Fynbos

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This updated edition reflects taxonomic changes based on recent research and DNA studies. Calls for most species can be accessed via QR codes in the book
or downloaded from a website.

Title available mid-November.
Softcover, 508 pages, 240 x 170 mm

Product Code: 112860

Garden Birds in Southern Africa

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This guide profi les 101 garden birds likely to be found in gardens across southern Africa, informing readers about what to look and listen for, and where
and when. It’s also a guide to creating a bird-friendly garden wherever you are in the region.

Softcover, 192 pages, 215 x 180 mm

Product Code: 112870

Living Shores of SA Vol 1

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Originally published in 1981, Living Shores was for many years the standardreference for marine science students but was also embraced by a popularmarket for its fascinating insights into marine and coastal habitats and thelife they support. After a long absence, this classic has been revived andthoroughly reworked to incorporate the many dramatic changes that ouroceans and coasts have undergone over the past few decades.This book is the fi rst of a two volume set, and examines the di erentmarine ecosystems and how humankind interacts with them. It discusses theevolution of the sea and continents and looks at the ecology of coastal systems,including intertidal zones, beaches, dunes, estuaries, islands, kelp forests andreefs. The book unpacks the relationship between humans and the marineenvironment, and the consequences of harvesting and mining to meet ourneeds. It also addresses the impact of climate change, and highlights what canbe done to protect our environment.Richly supported by full-colour photography and numerous explanatoryillustrations, diagrams and graphs, this book will prove invaluable tostudents and teachers but will also appeal to anyone with a fascination fornature and our marine world in particular.

Item Code: BT00030

Greater southern Africa has a wealth of mammal species – almost 400, all of which are covered in this fully updated, comprehensive field guide. Now expanded to include species found in Angola, Zambia and Malawi, it has also been extensively revised to feature:- the most recent research and taxonomy- revised distribution maps and many new images- colour-coded grouping of families- spoor and size icons- skull photographs, grouped for easy comparison- detailed descriptions of each species, offering insight into key identification characters, typical behaviour, preferred habitat, food choice, reproduction and longevity.

Item Code: BT00100


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Sharks are among the most persecuted animals on Earth. The story of the remarkable journey of Nicole (named after shark enthusiast Nicole Kidman) raises awareness of the plight of sharks in the 21st century.

Softcover, 184 pages, 210 x 148 mm

Product Code: 112840

On Route In South Africa – 3rd Edition

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From Pofadder, eMkhuze and Haenertsburg to Cookhouse, Klipplaat, Maokeng and Taung South Africa’s amazing diversity is an invitation to take to the road.This revised and updated edition of On Route in South Africa has a new, contemporary look, but contains all the features that have made it such a classic. Previous editions won a special place in the hearts of South Africans. No other book available offers such a range and depth of information about the villages, towns and cities of this land, and on the intriguing and informative tales they have to tell.The 37 chapters are arranged in logical sequence, beginning with Cape Town and radiating outwards. Each chapter corresponds to an established and coherent geographic or demographic area. Included are detailed regional maps, incorporating up-to-date place names, and complemented by route directions within the text. With its expanded text and more than 500 photographs, On Route in South Africa contains a remarkable wealth of information, making it the perfect travel planner and companion.

Item Code: BT0024

Oppad in Suid-Afrika

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Op Pad in Suid-Afrika is a classic travel guide that offers an unsurpassed range and depth of information about South African villages, towns and cities, and on the intriguing and informative tales they have to tell.This fully revised and updated third edition has a new, contemporary look, and contains expanded text with more than 500 new photographs. The 37 chapters are arranged in logical sequence, beginning with Cape Town and radiating outwards. Each chapter corresponds to an established and coherent geographic or demographic area. Included are detailed regional maps, incorporating up-to-date place names, and complemented by route directions within the text.On Route in South Africa contains a remarkable wealth of information, making it the perfect travel planner and companion

Item Code: BT0025


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Bykans dertig jaar was Christiaan Bakkes veldwagter in Namibië. Hy het ’n obsessie gehad met die wilde, ongetemde Afrika waar ’n mens ongebonde kan lewe. Maar intussen het die wildernisse waarin hy geswerf het, begin verander. Bakkes was deel van die verandering. Hy het wilde plekke help toeganklik maak vir mense. Saam met daardie mense het stropers gekom. Bakkes vertel in hierdie boek oor sy stryd met stropers in Namibië. Hy beskryf ook hoe hy sy sielsgenoot, Veertjie, ontmoet en hoe hulle saamstaan teen die plundering van wild in Namibië.

Item Code: BT0015

Roberts Voëlgids – 2de uitgawe

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Hierdie hersiene uitgawe van die Roberts Voëlgids bevat byna 1000 spesies wat in Suider-Afrika (suid van die Cunene- en Zambesi-rivier) voorkom. Die gids spog met puik nuwe illustrasiewerk wat besonderhede gee oor seisoenale, ouderdoms en geslagsverskille in ongeveer 240 geannoteerde kleurplate, bygewerkte verspreidingskaarte, broei- en seisoenstafies en bondige dog insiggewende teks oor uitkenning, asook aspekte van biologie soos kos en roep. Voëlgeesdriftiges se biblioteke sal beslis baat by hierdie nuwe toevoeging.

Item Code: BT0023

Sasol Birds of Southern Africa

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Sasol Birds of Southern Africa remains the regions most comprehensively illustrated and trusted field guide. This fourth edition has been greatly improved by the addition of group introductions, calendar bars showing species occurrence and breeding periods, a section on how to use this book, as well as sonograms depicting the calls of tricky bird groups. The newly designed plates are meticulously illustrated, with labels pinpointing key differentiating features. Distribution maps show the relative abundance of a species in the region and also indicate resident or migrant status.Written by top birders, this authoritative and comprehensive identification guide is invaluable to all birders.

Item Code: BT00050

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Sasol Voëls van Suider-Afrika bly die streek se mees omvattende geïllustreerde en beproefde veldgids. Hierdie vierde uitgawe is aansienlik verbter deur die toevoeging van groepinleidings en ’n deeglik hersiene teks, kalenderbalke wat spesies se voorkoms en broeitye toon, ’n afdeling oor hoe om die boek te gebruik, sowel as sonogramme wat lastige voëlgroepe se roepe weergee. Die herontwerpte plate bevat noukeurige illustrasies, met byskrifte wat onderskeidende sleutel kenmerke aandui. Verspreidingskaarte toon die relatiewe getalrykheid van ’n spesie in die streek en dui ook stand- of trekvoël status aan. Hierdie omvattende uitkenningsgids, deur die voorste voëlkyk kenners geskryf, is onontbeerlik vir elke voëlkyker.

Item Code: BT0017

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Sasol Voëls van Suider-Afrika, die eerste keer in 1993 uitgegee, was nog altyd ’n topverkoper onder veldgidse. Hierdie vierde uitgawe is herskryf en aansienlik verbeter, wat verseker dat dit die streek se mees uitvoerig geïllustreerde en beproefde veldgids sal bly.
• Spesiebeskrywings is herskryf en sluit nou groepinleidings in.
• Plate is herontwerp vir maklike gebruik en vergelyking.
• Meer as 380 nuwe verbeterde illustrasies vervang vroeëres.
• Illustrasies het vereenvoudigde byskrifte, wat onderskeidende kenmerke aanwys.
• Verspreidingskaarte is bygewerk en toon hoe volop ’n specie in die streek is en ook of dit ’n stand- of trekvoël is. Ander hulpmiddels is kalenderbalke wat spesies se moeilik uitkenbare voëls wat onderskeidende roepe het

Item Code: BT00060

Sky Guide South Africa 2018

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A practical resource for all astronomers, whether they be novice, amateur or professional. It covers the upcoming year’s planetary movements, predicted eclipses and meteor showers. Star charts plot the evening sky for each season.

Softcover, 136 pages, 210 x 148 mm

Product Code: 112880

South African Fishing Flies

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This is not an exhaustive reference to all South African flies, but is rather an anthology of those that, by virtue of their innovation in design, materials and tying techniques, have helped shape, and in some cases change, the thinking on fly-tying in this country.

Hardcover, 176 pages, 220 x 220 mm

Product Code: 112830

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Groter suider-Afrika is ryk aan soogdier spesies, byna 400- wat almal in hierdie ten volle bygewerkte, omvattende veldgids ingesluit is. Uitgebrei om spesies in te sluit wat in Angola, Zambie and Malawi voorkom, dit is ook uitvoerig hersien om die volgende in te sluit: nuwe bevindings en taksonomie, hersiene verspreidings kaarte en baie nuwe fotos, kleurkodes om families te groepeer, simbole vir groottes en spore, fotos van skedels, gegroepeer om vergelyking makliker te maak, volledige beskrywings van elke spesie bied insig in sleutel kenmerke vir uitkenning, tipiese gedrag, voorkeur habitat, kos wat geeet word, voort planting en lewensduur.

Item Code: BT0011

Stuarts’ Field Guide to National Parks and Nature Reserves of South Africa is anindispensable guide to the country’s best and most accessible conservation areas.Written by two prominent conservationists, this new edition (with a slight namechange) has been thoroughly revised and updated. The 43 featured reserves arearranged by province.Information details the history, location, landscape, geology, vegetation (with maps)and wildlife (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects) of each reserve.Text panels list the highlights and provide key facts about each park’s wildlife,climate, facilities and activities, as well as critical warnings for visitors.More than 900 colour photographs support the text.Detailed park maps indicate places of interest, including where to viewparticular animals.At the back of the book is a concise pictorial ID guide featuring the birds, mammals,amphibians, reptiles, flowers and trees most commonly seen in the reserves.This is a handy, informative, must-have guide to South Africa’s famously diverse andrichly populated parks and reserves

Item Code: BT00020