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Garden Mosaics

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The 25 projects are all suitable for beginners.

Softcover, 128 pages, 276 x 208 mm

Product Code: 110370

Flowers Simply Beautiful

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This delightful book with its superb photographs and inspirational ideas tells you how to best display flowers. The more than 65 original ideas for beautifully simple arrangements are presented in three sections: instant designs that will take no more than a few minutes, easy arrangements and more challenging combinations. A must-have for every flower lover!

Product Code: 111320

Master Bonsai

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Learn the ins and outs of bonsai from a passionate professional who has practised the art for over almost 50 years. Supplemented by excellent drawings by a bonsai grower and informative step-by-step photographs for special techniques, the book is brimful of information and practical advice. The magnificent photographs have been taken over four seasons and show the trees in all their splendour.

Product Code: 111450

Creative Combinations

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Maximise the appeal of your garden by making the most of its combinations – of shapes, textures, colours and growth forms. This book gives you expert guidance to achieve this with loads of examples from gardens all over the country.

Product Code: 111280

Jane’s Delicious A-Z of Vegetables

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An accessible guide to the most commonly grown vegetables, plus many new and unusual ones now available. Written in Griffiths’ quirky, practical style
and lavishly illustrated with full-colour photographs for easy reference, this is a one-stop guide to growing any type of vegetable organically.

Softcover, 184 pages, 260 x 230 mm

Product Code: 113210

1, 2, 3 … Garden with Tanya and Anna

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The authors give advice on starting and planting a vegetable garden, sustainable gardening, the value of trees and much, much more.

Softcover, 160 pages, 245 x 194 mm

Product Code: 113230

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How to use statues, sculptures, fixed structures, water features, plants and more.

Softcover, 160 pages, 260 x 210 mm

Product Code: 113240