Brazilian-born Chris Carter needs no introduction. This bestselling author of no less than eight crime fiction novels has hooked readers with his spellbinding Robert Hunter series. Samantha Page asked him a few questions.

Q: You have a background in criminal behaviour psychology. How much does this inform the books you write?
A: I would have to say ‘a lot’. All of my book ideas usually originate from some criminal-psychology point of view. I then work on developing that point of view into a full-blown story.

Q: How easily are you able to leave crime and serial killers behind to simply enjoy a dinner and casual conversation with friends?
A: Oh, very easily. That’s something I learnt from my criminal-psychology days. I have my own working hours (pretty much your regular office hours), but that’s it. Once I’m done for the day, I will completely shut a mental door on my work until the next morning. I never write during the weekends either. During the weekends, I party.

Q: What can readers expect in your latest book, The Caller?
A: More twists and turns, a new criminal-psychology angle and something that might hit quite close to home for a lot of people. Go check it out.

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