Bill Clinton is now the first ex-president from America who is also the author of a thriller.

He wrote The President is Missing with bestselling author James Patterson.

The time Clinton spent in the White House came in handy and he says that he always wanted to write a thriller.

He is a big fan of Patterson, the creator of the character Alex Cross, a former detective turned psychologist.

“I’m crazy about thrillers and read quite a lot. I recently finished the third book in the Sparrow trilogy (by Jason Matthews, which starts with Red Sparrow).”

The President is Missing gives us a glimpse into what it would be like to be a president under extreme circumstances.

“It’s a novel, but it tackles issues that could really happen.”
In broad strokes, the story is about a crushing cyber-attack on America that threatens to destroy the entire world. And in time the president disappears.

Clinton loved being president, but he admits that it can also be ‘the most difficult job in the world’. “I want people to see that it’s real people doing a real job. They take decisions that matter. They influence our lives.”

Clinton has watched political drama series such as House of Cards and Scandal. He followed the first few seasons of House of Cards and regards the first one as extremely good.

“While watching the series, I thought people might think that it’s the norm for people in the White House to kill others. This means they won’t consider the fact that people get up every day, doing what they think is right.”

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